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Profile Registration

  • Login To
  • Search To Find Friends Matching To Your Criteria.
  • If You Find Someone Matching, Register Your Profile By Clicking Join Now Link.
  • Fill The Registration Form And Click ‘Submit’.
  • Your Profile Will Go For dosthy Admin Approval.
  • You Will Get Verification E-Mail To your mentioned E-mail ID.
  • Check Your E-Mail Inbox, Open The Mail From & Click The E Mail Verification Link. [ If You Can’t Find The E-Mail Verification Mail In Your Inbox, Just Check Your Junk Mail / Bulk Mail Folder And Select The Mail From dosthy And Put It To Your E-Mail Inbox And Then Click The E-Mail Verification Link. ] Then, Just Wait…
  • Within 24 Hours, You Will Get A ‘Profile Approval Confirmation’ Mail, if Your Profile Meets The Terms & Conditions Of Use.

Communicating With Friends

Sending Smiles :

  • Login To With The Given Profile ID Or E-Mail ID & Password, Just Fill Some More Details For Completing Your Membership Registration. Click Enter, You Will Directly Reach In Your dosthy Inbox.
  • Search Friends According To Your Criteria & Taste, The List Will Open With Minimum Details About The Friends. To See More Details About Each Persons, Click On Their Profile ID.
  • You Can Send One Nice ‘Hi Smile’ To Any Member You Wish By Clicking ‘Send A Smile’ Button With Each Friend’s Profile.
  • When You Click ‘Send A Smile’ Button With A Friend’s Profile, A Smile Will Go To That Friend’s dosthy Inbox And A Smile Alert Will Go To His/Her E-Mail Inbox With A Message.
  • If That Friend Is A Premium Member, Then He Will Be Able To Send You A Personalised Reply Message To You. Otherwise You Should Become A Premium Member Of To Start Sending Personalised Messages.
  • But - As A Free Member, You Will Be Able To Send Personalised Reply To The Messages You Receive In Your dosthy Inbox From Other Premium Members.
  • As A Free Member You Will Be Able To Send One Smile To Any Member, But You Are Not Allowed To Send Back Smiles To Those Members Who Have Already Sent You A Smile.

Sending Personalised Messages :

  • If You Are A Premium Member, Then You Will Be Able To Send Unlimited Personalised Messages To Any Members. You Can Also Send Reply Messages To The Smiles & Messages You Receive.
  • If You Are A Premium Member And Whenever You Send A Personalised Message To Any Free Members, That Free Members Are Allowed To Send Personalised Reply To You Through His/Her dosthy Inbox.
  • Yes, A Premium Member Can Start Sending Personalised Messages To Any Members, Any Time ( Rather Than ‘Hoping’ They Will Come To You ). Direct Communication Gives More Results And More Dosths.

Profile Management

  • You can Edit / Hide or Delete your profile if you wish so from the corresponding links of your Inbox.
  • But, Whenever you do any editing, your profile will go live only after dosthy Admin Approval.
  • If you forget your password, you can use the Forget Password link and submit your e mail Id. Your password will be mailed to your email Id automatically.

Just Remember

  • is a 100% online friendship portal and protects your personal contact details and we don’t disclose it to any other members. In the same way, we are also not possible to provide you the personal contact details of other members.
  • This is because, like you, almost all members are very keen in keeping their personal contact details as confidential until they get an assurance about the honesty of the opposite member.
  • We suggest you to keep on interacting through dosthy Messaging System until you get a clear idea about the opposite member.
  • dosthy Messaging System means, from your dosthy Inbox, you can send messages by clicking ‘ Send A Message’ Button. [ As a Premium Member to anyone & As a Free Member, reply to the ‘Received Messages’ in your dosthy Inbox ]. Your Message Will Reach in the dosthy Inbox of the opposite member and ‘Message Alert’ will go to the E mail Inbox of that member by saying that ‘ You have a new message in your dosthy Inbox’. That member can login to his dosthy Inbox and read the message and click reply button and then type the reply and ‘send’. That message will reach in your dosthy Inbox and you can login to read it and ‘send’ reply, when you receive the corresponding a ‘Message Alert’ in your E mail Inbox. This way through the ‘Dusty Messaging System’ you can do as many correspondences with any members without even revealing your Email id.
  • Give your e mail id and other contact details, only whenever you get full faith on the other member.
  • The communication between members are not at all restricted or controlled by us unless we get any complaint about any type of misuse / abusing / threatening from other members. This is very clearly mentioned in the Terms & Conditions Of Use.
  • The real meaning of friendship that propagating is not just male & female friendship. And is not meant for dating, flirting or any type of illegal sexual interaction.
  • Friendship means a lot & the friendship can be used for lot including career development, travel guidance, exchange of views & culture, business development, to search life partner, immediate helps like rare medicine arrangements, educational & research support, fun & leisure etc.

JUST dosthy KARO BINDAAS ! Premium Memberships

Diamond Membership - 12 Months : Indian Rs.5,500 Only
  • 1 Year Unlimited Personalized Messaging To Friends (Best Deal)
  • Photo display in home page (Random)
  • Bold , Coloured & Underlined listing in search with 3 Stars
Platinum Membership - 6 Months : Indian Rs.3,500 Only
  • 6 Months Cool Contacts & Messaging To Other Friends (Good Deal)
  • Coloured & Underlined in search with 2 Stars
Gold Membership - 3 Months : Indian Rs.2,000 Only
  • 3 Months Cool Contacts & Messaging To Other Friends (Cool Deal)
  • Underlined in search results with 1 Star

Message Sample

Hi Dosth Name

You have new message in your Inbox on from Your Profileid

Please take the time to view and reply to these messages soon. Even if you do not wish to pursue communication with them, please acknowledge receipt of the member’s message.

The messages will be deleted 30 days from the day of receipt

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